How To Get Around Naples Without Renting A Car

Are you planning a visit to Naples, Florida? Are you trying to cut down on travel costs as much as possible? One way to stay under budget is to skip the rental car. Most people assume that you need to have a car if you're visiting Florida. While that's true in some Florida cities, it's not necessarily true in Naples. In fact, Naples offers multiple forms of transportation for both locals and tourists alike. Here are a few tips to help you plan your trip and enjoy this beautiful city without the expense and burden of a rental car:

Stay in an area with lots of restaurants and stores. The easiest way to avoid a car rental is to stay in an area that's packed with activity within walking distance. There are several areas around the bay that meet this criteria. The Bayfront area between Third and Fifth Avenues has a ton of hotels, restaurants, and shops. The same is true of Tin City, which is further south and is located on the bay around Eleventh and Twelfth Streets. Also, check out the City Dock area around Eighth and Ninth Streets. Of course, if you're going to stay in an oceanfront resort, you may have everything you need inside your vacation property.

Find a good local taxi service. You'll be able to get a taxi at the airport with ease. Make conversation with your driver about how to get around town and how best to book a taxi, like through Southwest Florida Transportation Group, Inc.. He or she will likely give you a business card so you can have a taxi on-call whenever you need one. Most taxi drivers in Naples also know the city very well. They can recommend restaurants, shopping, and attractions that are conveniently located near your hotel or condo.

Rent a bike. You're visiting Florida to enjoy the great weather, right? What better way to do so than to bike around town? Naples has many bike rental businesses that will let you rent a bike or moped for a day or for a whole week. Many of these are near the beach, but you can also find some near the bay. You'll also find that the streets and sidewalks in Naples have bike-specific paths, so you should be safe on your bicycle.

Use the water shuttle. Naples Bay is lined with restaurants, bars, shops, and other attractions. It would be costly and time-consuming to bike or even get a taxi around the bay. Fortunately, you can cut right across the water on the water shuttle. The shuttle stops at 10 locations around the bay, and you can hop on at any stop. Pay for a one-way ride or get a day pass. It makes for a safe, quick, and fun way to travel.

Many tourists find that they rent cars and then don't use them that much. Don't make that mistake. You'll have plenty of transportation options even if you don't have a car.