Why Using A Travel Service Still Makes Sense

It's no secret that travel planning has changed dramatically in the last decade. Virtually all types of travel arrangements, from hotels to cruises, can be booked online. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should do all of your own vacation planning. Using a travel service, such as Bon Voyage Travel Service, to book your vacation offers a lot of advantages. Travel agents can save you time, often save you money and offer their expertise, all for free or a very modest fee.

Benefits to using a Travel Agency

1. Using a travel agent saves time. Planning a trip takes time and patience. Even the simplest trip involves booking flights, making hotel reservations, researching sightseeing options, reserving a rental car and making dinner reservations. You may also want to reserve specific seats on the plane and/or request a specific type of hotel room or amenity, such as a crib or a rollaway bed. All of these things take time, time away from your job or your family. Using a travel agent lets you use your time to make money or to handle your other responsibilities.

2. A travel agency can often save you money. Using a travel agency can often save you a considerable amount of money. Many agencies have special, negotiated pricing with hotels, cruises and tour operators that they use frequently. In addition, an agent is in a position to see the hottest new pricing the minute it becomes available and can offer it to you before you'd know to look for it in the newspaper or on Facebook. Travel agencies sometimes can also offer nice extra amenities, like cruise cabin upgrades or drink coupons to use on your flights.

3. A travel agent offers free expertise. Most experienced travel agents have traveled all over the world and can lend you their travel expertise on things like where to stay, what to see and what to eat. The majority of agencies offer their services for free for all but the simplest travel arrangements, such as booking airline tickets without any other travel arrangements.

4. You have someone to help you in the event of a travel problem. When you book your vacation with a travel agent, you have someone to call if your flight is canceled, if the hotel doesn't have a room for you when you arrive or if you encounter one of the hundreds of other snafus that can happen during even the most well-planned vacation. A good agent knows whom to call to help get your trip back on track.

While using a travel agent to book your vacation isn't the right choice for every traveler, such a move can save you time, save you money and help you get the most from your travel experience.