3 Great Sites For Your Conference

Conferences are more than just group meetings. Conferences allow for business networking to thrive. When it's time to organize a conference and you are looking for venues that can be warm and inviting, but still impressive and professional, mansions, hotels, and skyscrapers are three strong options. 


Take a look at realty sites like Zillow.com in order to find large homes for rent. These could be fantastic places to hold conferences because they can provide a large estate, with plenty of room for hundreds of people to come and go as they please, and multiple, specialized rooms. 

For example, instead of setting up a table in a corner with snacks and drinks, you could use the kitchen as a hospitality area or cafe. The dining room could provide seating, the living room could be a presentation area, and so on. 

Mansions are homes, so they're are meant to be warm and inviting. Some of the more elaborate estates will easily impress attendees and your organization and presentation will give the event all the professionalism it needs. 


Depending upon which hotel venue you choose, you can host a fabulous conference and may be able to save some money in the process. Hotels often have special group meeting rates for conference rooms. Hotel owners know that the more people they get through their doors, the more people will use their vending machines, eat at their restaurants, and book their rooms. Your conference means big money for a hotel, and with hotel conference room rates, it can mean big savings for you. 

Sky Scrapers

As far as conferences go, not too many venues are more impressive than a sky scraper. As an added bonus, because so many people already work in high rises, the impression of professionalism is effortless. Some buildings will allow you to use one of the top floors for your conference in order to surround your attendees with a beautiful view of the city. 

However, be mindful that these buildings will often be packed into the center of a bustling downtown area. This will mean higher parking, hotel, and food costs for attendees if you aren't covering these expenses for them somehow. 

Holding your conference in one of these types of venues will ensure that your conference starts of with a bang. Everyone coming through the door will enter with an open, relaxed, business-focused mind, all because you picked the perfect venue.

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