5 Signs That You've Chosen A Safe Airport Parking Lot

If you are traveling and leaving your car at the airport for an extended period of time, one thing that you're probably worried about is parking. You've probably thought a lot about things like how much it will cost, but one thing that you might not have thought about yet is how safe your vehicle will be. Although most airport parking lots are safe, not all of them are created equally. Therefore, you'll want to look for these five signs that you've chosen a safe airport parking lot for your car.

1. Ample Lighting

One of the first things that you should look for when arriving at the parking lot is how much lighting there is on the premises. Dark parking garages should be avoided because they can put your car at more risk of vandalism or theft; plus, you'll have to worry about your own safety when entering or leaving the lot.

2. Proper Fencing

A regular chain link fence probably isn't going to do much to deter a crafty and determined car thief or burglar. Therefore, you should be nervous about car lots that don't provide a better fencing option. Fences should be tall, and they should hopefully include some form of barbed wire or a slanted top to further deter thieves. Brick or concrete walls are even more preferable.

3. Security Employees

Don't leave your car at a lot that doesn't have any security officers or other employees on-site. Although a parking lot that doesn't have this type of security will probably be cheaper, your car will also be at a much greater risk of being burglarized or vandalized.

4. Limited Access

Not just anyone should be able to enter the parking lot without being asked for identification. The more aggravating that it is for you to enter the parking lot with your vehicle yourself, the safer your car probably is from strangers.

5. Security Cameras

All airport parking lots should have ample surveillance cameras. There should also be signs posted clearly letting people know that the area is under surveillance. Cameras work as a great deterrent for potential thieves and can provide proof in the event that something does happen to your car while you're on your trip.

Leaving your car at an airport parking lot can be scary, and you could be worried about something happening to it while you're gone. Luckily, if you find an airport parking lot with these five things, then your car is sure to be safe and sound while you're on your travels.