Items To Wear On A Ghost Tour To Keep Evil Spirits Away

If you are planning on going on a ghost tour, you need to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is go home and realize a ghost attached itself to you. There are items you can wear or keep in your pockets to ward away spirits and allow you to enjoy your trip. Here are some items that you can bring along with you.


Salt traps spirit energy. Many people will put it in little shot glasses on their window sills and doorframes to keep spirits out of their home. If you are worried about spirits entering your body, pour some salt in your pockets before you leave for your tour. It will keep the spirits from being able to enter your body.


You have probably heard about lavender being used for several different things. Many believe it works well for cleansing energy and spirits. There are a few ways you can carry lavender with you on a ghost tour. If you have lavender growing in your yard, pick a bunch of it and keep it in your purse or pocket. However, it may not be quite as effective as using lavender oil. Buy some lavender essential oil or a cream made with lavender oil. If you have a cream, rub it all over your body like lotion right before your tour. If you have the essential oil, mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or castor oil. Put a drop on each limb, along with your temples, clavicle, and belly.


A crucifix is a Christian symbol of Jesus Christ. Catholic priests also use a crucifix during exorcisms to ward of demons. You can keep evil spirits far away from your body if you bring a crucifix along with you on your ghost tour. If you don't want to carry one in your hand, you can find a crucifix necklace to wear around your neck.


It may not being the best smelling spirit repellant, but it's known to be effective. Garlic was a known repellant to keep vampires away. However, it's also said that the garlic will keep evil spirits away as well. To keep spirits (and vampires) away using garlic, you can simply stick a garlic clove in your pocket. If you're really frightened, you can hang a garlic braid around your neck.

Going on a ghost tour can be a lot of fun. However, if you're worried about bringing evil spirits back with you, make sure you go prepared. Wear or bring salt, a crucifix, lavender, or garlic to ward off the spirits.