3 Reasons to Charter a Bus for Your Next Group Trip

Planning group trips is a tough job. Whether you're organizing a church outing or a Girl Scout field trip, you have a lot of responsibility as a group planner. You have to plan an itinerary, negotiate a group rate, collect all of the funds, and keep up with any last-minute changes, additions, or cancellations. You also have to figure out how to get everyone to the same place at roughly the same time. If you've been relying on carpooling to make group trips work, you can make your job easier by chartering a bus instead next time. Take a look at a few reasons why a bus may be right for your next trip.

Busses are Affordable

When planning a group trip, it's easy to reject the option of a bus because it's an extra several hundred dollars tacked onto the price of your trip. Taking your own car sounds less expensive. But unless there are very few of you going on the trip, taking the bus may very well cost less per person than everyone driving their own car.

School bus-style charter busses start out at as low as $350 per day, and they can seat anywhere from 44 to 72 people. That's a perfect transportation solution for a large group going on a day trip. If you're planning a multi-day trip with fewer people (up to 12), you could splurge on a sleeper bus. While these are far pricier ($1000 to $3000 a day) sleeping on the bus may save you enough money on hotels and gas for individual cars to make it worthwhile.

Busses are Better for the Environment

Not only is it usually less expensive to put a group of people on a bus than it is to put them each into individual cars, it's also better for the environment. Imagine that you have 50 people going on your next trip. Even if there are two people to each car, that's 25 cars on the road. Your group will be responsible for far fewer emissions if you trade those 25 cars for one bus.

Busses are More Convenient

Busses have several advantages over other forms of group travel when it comes to convenience. Trains, while similarly affordable and environmentally friendly, can only take you to the nearest stop. It can be hard to get a large party from a train stop to your destination, especially if that party contains small children, elderly people, or any person who is disabled. A bus, on the other hand, can take you directly to your destination and ferry you around between different destinations.

And unlike a pack of cars traveling together, a bus won't hog an entire parking lot. Plus, there's no need for you to organize a carpool— one less task for you to deal with while you're planning your trip.

Keep in mind that a bus also allows everyone to socialize along the way. It's great to get out of your comfort zone and explore something new with a group of like-minded people. Why not enjoy each other's company on the ride as well? Look into renting a charter bus for your next group outing. Contact a business like Pacific Coachways Charter Services for more options.