Questions To Ask Before Booking A Vacation Package

Your next vacation doesn't have to leave you with an empty wallet. Whether you are planning to jet around the world or just across the country, a vacation package may be just the thing to save money while taking care of most of your travel details. The following are a few questions you should ask before booking your trip.

What is included with the package?

This question should be a given. Make sure the agent tells you exactly what is covered with the package. Airfare, hotel, meals, entertainment, and ground travel are all things that you need to know about. You don't want to find out that your all-inclusive deal doesn't cover transportation from airport to hotel after you arrive, since you may get stuck with an expensive and unplanned for taxi fare.

Are there any unavoidable fees that aren't part of the deal?

Most packages have a list of items that aren't covered, so you will need to plan ahead so you know what these are. For example, the vacation package may include shuttle service but you will need to tip the driver, or there may be resort or activity fees that aren't a part of the hotel stay portion of your package.

What are the flight details?

You want to know what to expect before you purchase your package. Find out the class of airplane typically booked for the package, along with the airline if possible. Also, find out if there are options beyond coach and whether you can upgrade if desired. Some package deals may also cover extra baggage charges via a deal with the airline, while others will have strict baggage limitations.

What is the name of the hotel?

Much like the airline, you want to know where you will be staying before you book the package. This way you can check reviews and make sure the hotel will meet your needs. Some package deals may provide an option of hotels at different price points, so it will pay to do your research to ensure you get the one with the level of service and luxury that you want.

Are meals included?

You may occasionally come across a package vacation that includes all meal service, especially if you are traveling to a resort destination. More common is the inclusion of breakfast, which is usually provided by your hotel. Verify the type of breakfast served so you know what to expect, so that you know whether it is a simple cold breakfast or a full breakfast buffet.