Three Etiquette Rules For Traveling Via Airport Taxi

When it comes to all the various ways you can travel to the airport to catch a flight, it's tough to beat doing so via airport taxi. Your experienced driver will know the best way to get to the airport, you won't have to worry about long-term parking and you'll be able to relax and go over any last-minute flight details while you travel. When it comes to airport taxi etiquette, it's important to follow a handful of simple rules to make the entire process run smoothly for you and the driver. Here are three rules to keep in mind before your next taxi ride to the airport.

Be Ready At The Pickup Time

Many people arrange for their airport taxi to pick them up at home; if you've made this decision, be sure to be ready to go as soon as the taxi arrives at your home. Not being ready on time is an etiquette no-no because it will force the driver to rush to the airport more than he or she might otherwise. This adds stress to the entire experience that could easily be avoided by having your bags sitting on your porch and being ready to leave as the predetermined time. While being on time is always important when you book transportation, it's imperative for airport travel given the strict times involved in flying.

Know Exactly Where You Need To Go

While traveling to a large airport, the route that the airport taxi driver takes can vary according to the terminal from which you'll be departing. It's important to carefully check your pre-flight information so you're clear about your departure terminal. Providing the incorrect information to your driver can result in him or her taking a different route to the airport that can end up being more time-consuming and can also lead to a potentially lengthy delay once you're at the airport and surrounded by traffic. Be courteous of the driver's time -- and help yourself out in the process -- by double-checking where you need to go.

Handle Your Own Luggage Or Be Prepared To Tip For It

It's conventional to tip your airport taxi driver upon reaching your destination. Generally, about 15 percent of the fare is appropriate. It's proper etiquette to give another dollar or two for each piece of luggage that the driver handles for you. If you're on a budget and are happy to tip 15 percent but don't want to tip beyond this amount, clearly state that you'll load and unload your own bags. Doing so is better than letting the driver do it for you and then failing to tip for this service.

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