Use These Tips To Help Get An Early Check-In Time At Your Next Hotel Stay

Being able to check into your hotel early is often enticing whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, given that you might be tired from your trip and wish to relax a bit before dinner. Although it's ideal to book your stay at a hotel that offers earlier check-in times than its competitor, doing so isn't always possible. Here are some tips to improve your chances of being able to get into a guest room well in advance of the hotel's official check-in time.

Join The Hotel's Membership Club

Enrollment in the hotel chain's membership club gives you points for every night's stay, but also entitles you to other benefits. Some membership programs allow you to check in early, although you'll often be asked if you plan to take advantage of this perk at the time that you book the room to ensure that it will be ready for you. Even if the specific membership program doesn't offer early check in, the front desk clerk might be more accommodating to your request because he or she sees you as a loyal customer.

Note Your Expected Arrival Time When You Book

If you book your hotel stay online, you'll often have the opportunity to select your arrival time by clicking a designated box in the booking process; if the online option isn't available, email or call the hotel to note that you'll likely be arriving early. Choosing a time in advance of the hotel's official check-in time won't guarantee that your room will be ready, but it's likely that the housekeeping staff will prioritize the cleaning of your room to increase the chance that it will be all set for you when you arrive.

Be Willing To Accept A Different Room

At the time of your booking, you'll be assigned a room based on your request. However, when you arrive in advance of the check-in time, this room might not be ready. It's ideal to tell the front desk clerk that you're happy to accept any room (at the same price level) that might be ready. This means that if "your" room is still being cleaned by the housekeeping staff, a slightly different room might be open and ready for use. Occasionally, you'll need to accept a slightly different room configuration -- two queen-sized beds instead of one king-sized bed, for example, but this shouldn't be a concern if it gets you into a room early.