3 Things To Look For When Mooring Your Boat Away From Home

Having access to a boat gives you the opportunity to travel in an unconventional way. Finding reliable moorage services can be a bit of a challenge when you travel in your boat, but when you know what amenities to look for the process doesn't have to be impossible.

Here are three things you should be looking for as you make arrangements to moor your boat away from your home dock.

1. Group moorage arrangements

Many boating enthusiasts like to travel with friends or family members who also enjoy spending time on the water. If you are planning a vacation as part of a fleet of vehicles, it's essential that you make plans to anchor in a location that offers group moorage arrangements.

Ensuring that the moorage company you partner with maintains enough free space to accommodate a small fleet of vessels will allow you to anchor close to your friends and family as you travel away from home with your boat in the future.

2. Transportation into the nearest port town.

Since your boat will likely serve as the only form of transportation you bring along when traveling the high seas, being able to secure a ride into the nearest port town when you anchor your boat will be important. Look for a moorage service that offers free shuttle rides into the nearest town.

These shuttles will allow you to restock supplies, experience a night out, or simply sightsee in your new location. Working with a moorage service that provides shuttle access will reduce your travel expenses by eliminating the need for costly taxi rides.

3. Access to a reliable boat lift.

When taking your boat out on the open sea, it's imperative that you prepare for potential damages that your vessel could sustain. While minor repairs can be made without removing your boat from the water, major repairs and inspections might require access to a reliable boat lift.

By taking the time to ensure that the mooring company you are planning to work with as you travel away from home provides temporary guests with access to a boat lift, you can rest assured knowing that you will be prepared to address any repairs your boat may need in the future.

Knowing what to look for as you evaluate your mooring options will help you find the moorage services that are best equipped to meet your needs whenever you are anchoring your boat away from home in the future.