How To Make It Feel Like You Live In Hawaii While Visiting

With nearly perfect year-round weather, soft white sand beaches to relax on and plenty of nightlife to indulge in, Hawaii is a tantalizing vacation spot that tends to call visitors back time and time again. If you're like most people who vacation in Hawaii, you'll likely wish you are living there instead of just visiting at least once during your trip. So take full advantage of your next vacation and make Hawaii feel like home with the help of these tips and tricks:

Rent a Furnished Apartment

An excellent way to make it feel like you're actually living in Hawaii is to rent a short term furnished apartment throughout the entirety of your visit. You can find one, two, and three bedroom units that can be rented on a weekly basis that come stocked with everything from furniture to dishes, so all you have to do is bring along your clothes and your toothbrush to get settled in. In a furnished rental, you'll be able to make meals in a full kitchen for your family, store your belongings without worrying about clutter, and find some personal space when you want to be alone. Many short term apartment rentals feature washers and dryers, making it possible to pack lightly without sacrificing comfort or convenience during your trip. Contact a rental company, like Corporate Habitat or a similar location, to find out what additional amenities may be available.

Participate in Local Activities

By immersing yourself in the Hawaiian lifestyle, you'll likely feel right at home throughout your island visit. Hawaii offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the state's history, traditions, and arts. Take a few morning hula classes by the ocean, spend your afternoons learning how to weave baskets in the park, or go fishing with local Hawaiian families who are willing to show visitors the ropes. The idea is to get involved with local activities that will provide you with some personal insight into what both modern and historic island life is all about.

Invest in a Few Fun Rentals

In addition to renting a vehicle and place to stay, consider renting a few fun items that will enhance your daily activities in Hawaii. Rent a bike to get around town where a vehicle isn't necessarily needed, and rent a kayak or stand up paddleboard to take with you to the beach on a regular basis. Roller skates, mopeds, umbrellas, snorkel sets, inflatable water toys, and even beachwear are all available for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

These vacation methods should help make Hawaii feel more like a home away from home than just another vacation spot.