Four Things You Have to Bring on a Custom Peruvian Vacation

If you're planning a Peruvian vacation, you're probably excited and perhaps a bit nervous at the same time. Nervousness is natural when you're about to explore a new land, but you can help keep the butterflies at bay with a few preparation techniques. Following are four things that you should pack for a Peruvian vacation to help ensure smooth sailing.

Strong Sun Protection

Peru is a country of high altitudes -- many Peruvian towns and cities are located as high as 12,000 feet above sea level -- and that means that the sun's UV rays are more intense than in most other places. You'll need to take plenty of the strongest sunscreen that you can find -- usually 50 SPF. However, sunscreen alone probably won't be sufficient for most people. Pack at least one wide-brimmed hat to provide a physical barrier between the sun's rays and your face. Even if your skin isn't prone to sunburn, consider packing a few items of sunscreen treated clothing to wear when you'll be spending time outdoors during the day.

A Good Appetite

Street food is a time honored tradition in Peru, so bring a sense of adventure and a good appetite so that you can get the best possible culinary experience. Peruvian culinary tradition traces back to pre-Incan times, so you'll be enjoying fare with centuries of expertise behind it that's been influenced by immigrants from all over the world. Popular Peruvian food includes cured meats, soups made from wild vegetables and herbs, fried guinea pig, alpaca meat, and several desserts that have their roots in Spanish civilization.

A Curious Mind

Signs of the ancient cultures that used to call the region home are everywhere in Peru. The Incan Empire was the largest civilization in the Western Hemisphere in pre-Columbian times, and the Norte Chico society was one of the oldest on the planet. Peru is a history buff's paradise, but the region is also resplendent with vibrant arts and crafts. Be prepared to be enthralled on a regular basis by everything from ancient artifacts to exquisite handcrafted goods in open air markets.

Nightlife Clothing

Although visitors to Peru have the opportunity to enjoy abundant natural beauty, visit historical ruins, and experience local cuisine, that's not all that Peru has to offer. The country has an eclectic nightlife scene, so be sure to bring at least one outfit worthy of a quality night on the town.

For more tips on what to bring on your Peruvian vacation, talk to an agent at Kuoda Personalized Travel.