Four Ways To Build The Perfect Cruise Vacation

If you are someone who likes to constantly have something to do during your vacations, a cruise may be the best option for you. There are cruise packages that allow you to do a lot of different things while you are on the ship and when you go into port at your destination location. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about planning the perfect cruise vacation package. [Read More]

Learn More About How Your Hotel Holiday Party May Be Tax Deductible

So you're planning on renting out a hotel conference room for a business party but are afraid of the expenses. Never fear! There's a good chance that your party may be tax deductible! This is true of parties thrown in hotel conference rooms or even those thrown on business premises. How do these tax deductions work? How Much Of My Party Will Be Deductible? Although many small-time business owners don't realize it, employee entertainment is often considered an important morale boost for employees. [Read More]

Three Etiquette Rules For Traveling Via Airport Taxi

When it comes to all the various ways you can travel to the airport to catch a flight, it's tough to beat doing so via airport taxi. Your experienced driver will know the best way to get to the airport, you won't have to worry about long-term parking and you'll be able to relax and go over any last-minute flight details while you travel. When it comes to airport taxi etiquette, it's important to follow a handful of simple rules to make the entire process run smoothly for you and the driver. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Before Booking A Vacation Package

Your next vacation doesn't have to leave you with an empty wallet. Whether you are planning to jet around the world or just across the country, a vacation package may be just the thing to save money while taking care of most of your travel details. The following are a few questions you should ask before booking your trip. What is included with the package? This question should be a given. [Read More]